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Haynes Custom Handmade Flute #51629 (2006) (Used) w/ 14K Riser, C foot, B foot, offset G, C# trill and D# roller

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About this Flute:

This tremendous instrument has a unique and beautiful character that draws the listener in.  I was testing the lower/middle register, and my daughter, who was sitting nearby reading, was pleasantly distracted by the character of the instrument and made a comment to that effect.  This flute would be excellent for an orchestral player or soloist, as well as anyone who wants a responsive instrument with a wide dynamic range and smooth key action.  

-serial # 51629 (made in 2006)
-sterling silver body, keys and mechanism
-handcut headjoint w/ 14K riser
-open hole
-offset G
-soldered tone holes
-pointed key arms
-C foot
-B foot
-C# trill
-D# roller
-Deveau scale (similar to the Bennett scale)
-.016 standard wall thickness

Comes with hardshell case that holds both the B foot and C foot, a cleaning rod and removable plugs for the holes.   The case shows a bit of wear on the outside (minor), and is excellent on the inside.

The responsiveness and palette of colors on this flute are a fantasic combination.  The headjoint cut and the quality of the mechanism makes technical passages, as well as quickly tongued passages practically effortless!  Plays with a balanced sound in all registers, and with a light touch from the highest to the lowest notes.
My trusted tech. has recently completed a C.O.A. The flute is in excellent condition including the finish and the pads.

A comparable new model costs over $16,000 with all of the extras.  Asking $8450 plus reasonable shipping fee. 

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Sell Price: $8,450.00

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