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Yamaha YPC-82 Piccolo (Used) - w/ Two Headjoints


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The YPC-82 professional piccolo that offers a variety of color and sound with the two headjoints.   The standard YPC-82 includes a silver headjoint.  This one comes with an additional Yamaha grenadilla headjoint.


-select grenadilla wood body
-sterling silver conical headjoint with lip plate for ease of play
-additional grenadilla wood headjoint
-silver-plated keys
-split-e mechanism
-undercut tone holes

Comes with a slimline hardshell case which holds the piccolo, both headjoints, and a cleaning rod.

This piccolo has a lovely full and rich tone, and plays evenly in all registers.  It has just received a COA. Feel free to ask for a video of it being played.  If/when you buy a piccolo, it's a good idea to listen before you buy, as each one plays differently. Yamaha piccolos have a strong reputation for quality.  

This instrument has been well-cared for, and is in excellent used condition, including the pads and corks.  It has not been damaged or cracked.  

This model sold new for over $3800 with two headjoints at on-line discounters.  Asking $2495 plus shipping for this piccolo (with both headjoints). 

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Sell Price: $2,495.00

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