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Powell Custom Handmade Flute (1982) - Thin Wall, In-line G, B foot (Koregelos or Powell Headjoint)

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About This Model:
Taken from Powell's website:
"Powell® Handmade Custom flutes have been the “gold standard” of the flute world for more than eight decades. Instruments made in the 1920s are still being played today. Powell instruments are celebrated for their color, tone, ease of response and reliability."
-serial # 6283 
-Custom Handmade Sterling Silver Powell Body, Foot and Mechanism (completed in 1982)
-Powell Signature II headjoint
-Additional George Koregelos headjoint (optional)
-Pointed key arms
-B-Foot w/ gizmo
-In-Line G
-Soldered Tone Holes
-Cooper Scale
-Thin Wall .014" Tubing

The flute comes with slimline case, and outer carrying case.  Both show some light wear, as might be expected for the age.  A cleaning rod and removable plugs for the holes are included.  The additional optional Koregelos headjoint comes with it's own protective case, which is in excellent condition.

Condition and History:
The flute has just been serviced by my trusted tech., and is in excellent used condition.  It is clean, has very little surface wear for it's age, and the pads are in excellent condition.  The Koregelos headjoint is in excellent used condition.

Signature II Headjoint (mostly taken from the Powell website):
The Signature II headjoint is free blowing, and "comfortable for a greater number of players.  Style elements from the Powell's current Custom headjoint offerings were incorporated into the Signature II, which has been commended for its response, flexibility, and richness.  Every bit a true Powell, the Signature II allows for clean, crisp articulation and delivers the depth, fullness, and focus that are characteristic of the "Powell Sound"".  

George Koregelos GK Headjoint (info. below is taken from his obituary):
"In 1960, musician, inventor, and master-craftsman George Koregelos opened House of Woodwinds in Oakland, California.  In a few short years, his talent as an instrument repair technician was attracting world-renown performers from around the globe.  From 1980-1995 he produced top-of-the-line hand crafted flutes in gold and silver.  These instrument are now sought after by serious players and collectors."  Click here to see/hear more about his days making flutes.

This flute speaks "crisply" and easily on quickly tongued passages, and the mechanism is smooth and fast, making technical passages flow easily.  Both the low and high notes "fall out" without much effort. Try with both headjoints to get a variety of color and sound.  It is a joy to play!
Asking $5950 for the flute with the Powell Signature II headjoint.  The Koregelos headjoint may be added for an additional $850, or may be taken in place of the Powell Signature II.
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