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SOLD-750/2 Johannes Gerhard Hammig (Used) - Nearly New Condition!

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This beautiful professional handmade grenadilla wood Johannes Gerhard Hammig piccolo is in excellent (nearly new) condition, including the pads.  The Johannes Gerhard Hammig 750/2 is similar to the Philip Hammig 650/2 and is hand made in the same factory.

-grenadilla wood head and body
-modified wave thin headjoint*
-pointed key arms
-nickel silver mechanism heavily coated with pure silver

Comes with original slimline case, outer carrying case and cleaning rod, all in excellent condition.

About the Headjoint (taken from the Hammig Site)
*Thin-wall version of the modified wave style featuring a hand-carved raised embouchure plate. This innovative design combines the stability and clarity of the modified wave style with the flexibility of thin-wall tubing.

This instrument sings with a beautiful even tone from low to high, and is a joy to play.   All notes play easily with a light touch to the keys.  It is very well adjusted.  Over the years, I've been told by several professional players and repair technicians that one sure sign that a piccolo is well-made is if the high A plays with ease, and if the high E plays softly without a struggle.  This particular piccolo is outstanding in comparison with many other professional makes and models, as it plays not only the high A with ease, but also the notes above high A.  Also, the high E speaks immediately and easily when played softly.  I noticed when play-testing it, that the mid range is particularly stable as well, compared to other piccolos, as I could play with quite a bit of volume on the mid e, f and g without the notes cracking.

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Sell Price: $3,395.00

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