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Altus 1507RB Flute (Similar to Current 1607) (used) - In-Line G, B Foot, Britannia Silver - Excellent!

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About Altus Flutes:
From the Altus website:  "The Altus flute is a genuine handmade instrument and is the product of brilliant engineering, modern metallurgy, and seasoned craftsmanship.  All Altus Handmade flute models are distinguished by a variety of tube materials and manufacturing techniques. Years of research and development have allowed Altus to pair the highest quality materials with a range of flute making techniques culminating in the prized collection of the world's finest flutes available today."

Comparing the older 1507 model to the current 1607:

According to Altus (Japan)...In 1993, when this flute was made, the 1507 had a hand-seamed tube.  Now (I'm not sure what year the change was made), the 1607 has the hand-seamed tube and the 1507 just has a Britannia silver tube with soldered tone holes, meaning that this flute for sale is comparable to the current 1607.

Condition of This Flute:
My trusted tech. has just finished servicing this flute.  It is in excellent condition, including the pads, and is clean and free of scratches, dings or dents.  As with all of the flutes for sale on this site, it plays with a light touch down to the low B.


  • Handmade in Japan in 1993
  • Serial # 1709
  • Britannia silver head, body and foot *
  • Hand Seamed Tubing
  • Silver mechanism
  • French-pointed arms
  • Hand-carved headjoint (carved by Shuichi Tanaka)
  • Soldered tone holes
  • Open-holes
  • Inline G
  • B foot
  • gizmo key
  • Altus Bennett scale**
  • A=442
  • SP-1 springs
*"Britannia .958 Silver - A traditionally created silver alloy composed of 95.8% silver.  The remaining common metals balance a dark, rich tonal color without sacrificing brilliance." (taken from the Altus website)

**"The collaboration of  Tanaka and Bennett set a new standard for flute design.  The Altus-Bennett scale was carefully designed to provide effortless intonation". (taken from the Altus website)
Comes with original slimline case, outer carrying case and cleaning rod, all in excellent condition.  There is some padding glued into the inside of the case (put there by Eldred Spell) in order to keep the flute from being jostled around.  Pictures coming soon.

It was a great honor to be able to play-test this flute;  I am overall very impressed with the excellent workmanship of this instrument, and the potential that it has to keep up with technically demanding passages.  If playing could ever be effortless (I'm not good enough to make such a claim :) ), then this flute would come close to making it possible!

As expected with an Altus flute, this instrument has the following:  superb intonation, smooth mechanism, a beautiful tone palette with an overriding warm and rich sound, crisp response on quickly tongued passages, agility on skips and jumps, and the capability of a variety of dynamic possibilities. 

Price Comparison:
The current comparable 1607 sells new for $13,500.  Asking $9,200 plus reasonable shipping fee to the US or Canada.

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Sell Price: $9,200.00

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