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SOLD-Yamaha YHR-314II French Horn (Used) - Nearly New Condition!

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General Description:
The YHR-314II is a great instrument to begin on.  It's lightweight, simpler than a double horn, high quality, and reliable.

The following description is taken from the Yamaha site:

"The 314II is a single horn, making it lightweight and extremely responsive. And it's pitched in F for a traditional warm French horn sound.  The taper of the leadpipe improves response and intonation throughout the instrument."

This french horn looks as if it was hardly used.  I had to look at it extremely carefully, and for a very long time in good lighting to find a couple of teeny nicks and some very slight surface scratches (also hard-to-find).  It looks nearly new.  The lacquer is beautiful, and the slides and valves move smoothly. 

It has just been professionally serviced by one of my trusted techs. who shares the same values for selling an instrument in tip-top shape (he is an active horn player with bachelors and masters degrees in French horn performance, and orchestral performance).  Clean, and completely ready to play!

  • Mouthpipe taper designed for better response and intonation
  • Wrap allows easy hand position
  • Tough nickel silver inner and outer slides
  • Tapered valves
  • Rich, warm tone
  • Bell: 12" yellow brass bell
  • Bore: .472"
  • Key: F
Comes with the original Yamaha hardshell case in excellent like-new condition inside and out (see photos below). 

This horn sells new at online discounters for $2183.99.  Asking $1150 plus $50 shipping fee to the lower 48.

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Sell Price: $1,150.00

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