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SOLD-- Gemeinhardt M3S (Similar to 3S) (Used)-Open-Hole, C Foot-Plays Beautifully!


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This is a very nice step-up flute. Very clean.  Made in the USA!

Pads seal with no leaks. Recently professionally serviced by my trusted tech. and it plays nicely, and with a light touch in all registers.  Comes with case, removable plugs for the holes, and a cleaning rod.

-silver head, body and foot
-C Foot
-inline G
-open-holes (the pictures were taken with the removable plugs in the holes)
A similar Gemeinhart 3S sells new for around $1400.  Asking $750 plus reasonable shipping.


This particular flute has a nice rich and open sound, more than some other older flutes, which can sound stuffy. 

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Sell Price: $750.00

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