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SOLD-Powell Sonare PS-705 Close Out Special - Closed Holes, Offset G, Split-E, B Foot

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This is a new Powell Sonare flute.  I was able to get these closed-hole models at a good price, so am able to discount them for the customer. As with all new flutes that I sell, this has been through the hands of a professional tech. to make sure it's set up properly.  I have also thoroughly play-tested it, and it plays evenly and beautifully in all registers.
I am partial to these flutes, as I have played on a Powell Custom Handmade flute since the 1980's.  The Powell headjoint on the Sonare flutes gives them the gorgeous Powell sound, while keeping them within an affordable price range.  It is said that over 90% of the sound is made in the headjoint, so if you want a Powell sound without breaking your pocket-book, this is a great way to go!
-Sterling Silver Powell Signature Headjoint
-Sterling Silver Body and Foot
-Closed Holes
-Offset G
-Split E
-Pointed Key Arms
-B Foot w/ gizmo
-Powell Scale A=442
This model sell  new for $2595 at on-line discounters.  Asking $1950 with free FedEx ground shipping.
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Sell Price: $1,950.00

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