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No Longer Available-Altus 907 Flute (Used) - Inline G, Britannia Silver Headjoint, B Foot

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Mid to Low Registers

High Register


Skips and Leaps

History and Condition:
This gorgeous flute is in nearly new condition, as it has had one adult owner and was only played for about 20 hours total!  I took it to my tech. and it only needed $18 worth of servicing, to fine tune the fitting of the foot and head joints.  Beautiful!

-hand made in Azumino, Japan
-hand cut Britannia .958 silver headjoint
-silver-plated body and mechanism
-open holes
-pointed key arms
-inline G
-B foot with gizmo
-Altus/Bennett scale provides excellent intonation and harmonics

Comes with original slimline leather covered case, outer leather carrying case, cleaning rod and removeable plugs for the holes.

Price Comparison:
New, this model sells for over $3750.  Asking $2850 plus a reasonable shipping fee.

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Sell Price: $2,850.00

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