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Haynes Handmade Professional Flute (1963)- Offset G, C Foot - Recently Overhauled


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History and Condition:

This beautiful vintage flute was originally sold new in 1963 (Haynes' Golden Age), was played for a few years, and then was stored safely until now by it's original owner. 

It has just received an overhaul, and is in excellent condition for it's age. 


This particular flute has an unusually rich, open,  free-blowing, and focused sound for it's era.  It plays beautifully in all registers.

About the "Golden Age":

All handmade Haynes flutes have always been high quality.  However, during the Golden Age (1950's and 1960's), fewer flutes were made than in the 70's, and extra attention was given to detail. See below the number of flutes made per year at Haynes (all were handmade, including the commercial model):

1950's-1960's - 500 - 600 flutes per year

1970's - 900 - 1000 flutes per year

Presently, no more than 110 handmade Haynes flutes are made per year.

In other words, the few flutes made per year, the more attention given to each one.

Specs for This 1963 Flute:

-serial #32891
-originally Sold on Nov 5th, 1963
-handmade french model
-.016 standard wall
-sterling silver head, body, foot
-white gold springs
-pointed key arms
-offset g
-soldered toneholes
-c Foot

Comes with the original slimline French case, and a cleaning rod.

Asking $3400 plus reasonable shipping fee.

Sell Price: $3,400.00

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