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SOLD-Yamaha 221 Flute with B foot -Excellent!


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This is a very nice flute, and can be used for a beginner or for an intermediate player.  With a headjoint upgrade, the possibilities are even greater. Very clean and received a recent COA.. Plays nicely, and with a light touch in all registers.  Comes with case, removable plugs for the holes, and a cleaning rod.

Comparison to 281:

The 281 is all silver-plated, only it has a b foot and open-holes.  Since this 221 has a b foot, the only difference between this flute and the 281 is that this one has closed-holes.

-made in Japan (!)
-silver-plated head, body and foot
-offset G
-B foot (bought new for $340 in 2014 to upgrade from the C Foot)

Comes with original case, cleaning rod, and K & M flute stand.

A similar new similar Yamaha 281 (has open-holes) sells used on-line for over $1000.  Asking $550 plus shipping.

Headjoint Upgrade
The Sankyo RT-1 silver handcarved headjoint and larger lip plate and chimney (for sale here) adds lots of volume, a wide dynamic range, and a very rich lower register.  It has fantastic response as well.  It can be bought with this flute for an additional $700, or $800 by itself.  This headjoint was used with the Yamaha 221, so is already fitted properly.

phone: (970) 689-5671

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Sell Price: $550.00

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