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SOLD - Jupiter diMedici Bass Flute Model JBF-1123ES (used)-Excellent!

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Condition and Playability:
This beautiful bass flute has just been recently adjusted and is in excellent playing condition from "head to toe".  It has no scratches, surface wear, dings, dents or tarnish.

-Silver-plated Silver Nickel Head, Body, Foot and Mechanism
-Silver Lip Plate and Riser
-French Pointed Key Arms
-Split-E Mechanism
-D and D# Trill Keys
-Adjustable Crutch
-Additional Larger Custom Crutch

Comes with original hardshell case (in excellent used condition), outer carrying case and a cleaning rod.

This flute sold new at online discounters for $4719.  Asking $2900 plus shipping.

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Questions Always Welcome:

phone: (970) 689-5671

Sell Price: $2,900.00

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