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Muramatsu DNRBC (used) - Includes C Foot and B foot, Split-E - Excellent!

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About This Flute
This gorgeous handmade Muramatsu used flute was originally purchased new directly from the factory in Tokyo, Japan in 1978, and has had only one adult owner who meticulously cared for it.  It is typical of Muramatsu's excellent quality. 

The DN preceded the current DS Model.

-Handmade in Tokyo, Japan in 1978
-Silver Head, Body, Foot and Keys
-C Foot
-B Foot (custom made in Tokyo around 1988 to fit short right pinky-designed to faciliate reach of lower keys) (Muramatsu footjoints by themselves are difficult to find....this is a nice combination!).
-Offset G
-Pointed Key Arms
-comes with 2 Muramatsu leather bound wood cases for the flute: (a) one for the original flute (with C foot); and (b) a separate small case for the low b foot, as well as an outer carrying case to hold everything in one place.
-also included:  the original wood cleaning rod, and plugs for the holes.

Excellent.  This flute has received a COA by my trusted tech. The previous COA was done in 2008 by Mr. Shozo Ogura, who has more than 10 years of experience as  technician in Muramatsu Tokyo, was also the former head technician at Muramatsu USA, and now runs his own shop in Torrance, California. The flute is in excellent used condition with few signs of wear.  It has the typical superficial, very fine surface wear (extremely minor) that can be seen on any used instrument.  There are no scratches, dings, dents or tarnish.

This flute has a rich tone, and  is very enjoyable to play.   It speaks well on quickly tongued passages with register leaps, as well as on technical passages.

Since the DN model is no longer made, and is not identical to the newer Muramatsu model, it cannot be directly compared to a DS.  It is, however, a product of the same skilled craftsmanship that Muramatsu is known for, and has many similar features as the current model.

For interest sake, the price for a current Muramatsu DS model without the additional footjoint is $8900. 

Asking $5500.00 for this DN plus reasonable shipping fee.

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