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SOLD-Powell Custom Series Piccolo (used)- Excellent/Just Overhauled


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Video Sample of this Piccolo Below:

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This excellent professional Powell Custom used piccolo has the following:

-select grenadilla wood body
-grenadilla classic style headjoint
-sterling silver keys

Comes with original wood Powell case and Jean Cavallero case cover.  A cleaning rod is included.
My trusted tech. who did the complete overhaul on this instrument commented that this is a really nice piccolo (he reserves his compliments for a rare few instruments, and his specialty is piccolos). 
Both the tone and the responsiveness of this particular instrument set it apart from other piccolos of its kind.  It was difficult to put down after the play-test!

Please feel free to ask for a video demo.  If/when you buy a piccolo, it's a good idea to listen before you buy, as each one plays differently. Powell has long been known for excellent quality.   Even the highest and lowest notes speak with ease, which is a sign the it is both well-made and well adjusted.
This piccolo is in excellent condition, with no damage, cracks or repairs to the wood.

The current Powell Classic sells new for over $6300 at on-line discounters.  Asking $4400 plus shipping. 

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Sell Price: $4,400.00

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