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Miyazawa MZ-8 Heavy Wall Silver Headjoint with 14K Gold Riser-Excellent!

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Description fo the MZ8 Cut Taken from the Miyazawa site: 
"Modern style headjoint with a well-defined rectangular shaped embouchure hole. Generally works best for flutists who direct their airstream far downward with a wide aperture."
This headjoint is a demo model, so is in excellent condition with very little wear.  It plays beautifully with a rich and bold sound, but also opportunity for fined-tuned dynamics and timbre, just as one would expect from a Miyazawa.  Excellent Response as well.

A current comparable model silver Miyazawa headjoint with these specs sells new for over $2200 with the gold riser and heavy wall.  Asking $1350 plus small shipping fee.

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Questions are Always Welcome:

Phone:  (970) 689-5671

Sell Price: $1,350.00

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