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SOLD - Alexander Eppler Silver Flute (Used) w/ Additional Eppler Cocuswood Headjoint-Excellent Condition!

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About Alexander Eppler Flutes and Headjoints:
This beautiful flute was made in Alexander Eppler's Seattle shop.  Many professional players choose to play on an Eppler, including well-known flutists such as Ransom Wilson.

Quotes from Eppler's website:

"Fantastic. Congratulations on a true work of art." --Ransom Wilson, American flute soloist and conductor, New York

«I have just purchased an Eppler flute from Carolyn Nussbaum Flute Co. in Dallas, Texas. It is an exquisite instrument and plays beautifully. I tried ten other flutes (all new) but was most pleased with the Eppler, as were the people whom I had brought to help listen.» --Megan Williams, student, Dallas, Texas

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History of This Flute/Headjoint:
This flute was treasured by one owner who meticulously cared for it.  It was bought new in 1998, and the additional cocuswood headjoint, made to go with it, was bought in 2000.  Each took over one year to be completed.

A story just for interest' sake:
Felix Skowronek, long-time Professor of Flute at the University of Washington, and former principal flutist for the Seattle Symphony (Curtis Institue graduate and student of William Kincaid) played a wooden Eppler flute.  When Alexander had finished making the silver flute that is for sale here, and before the original owner had picked it up from the workshop, Felix happened to be in the shop and demoed the flute.  He seriously wanted to purchase it.  However, the deal was done, and it was sold to the rightful owner. 

The owner is selling it only because, although he treasured it and immensely enjoyed playing it, his life has taken a different turn.  He is selling it so that it can be played and appreciated by someone else, rather than being stored away unused.

Flute Specs:
-solid silver head, body, foot
-silver-plated keys and mechanism
-offset G
-French pointed key arms
-B foot with gizmo
-C# trill key
-gold springs
-.018" heavy wall
-Straubinger pads
-modern, professional style handcut embouchure (w/ 14K gold riser)
-Modern A=442 scale

The flute comes with a slimline case and outer carrying case, removable plugs for the holes, and a cleaning rod.

Cocuswood Headjoint Specs:
-made from acoustic heavy hardwood Cocuswood (now very rare)
-thick wall which has a lovely rich and full tone
-the opposite side of the embouchure has an indented flyaway so as to make it play similarly to a metal flute with a lip plate.

This Cocuswood headjoint comes with its own hardshell case.

With very few signs of wear, this flute is aesthetically beautiful and in excellent condition.  It was very clean when I received it, and has such little wear, I didn't see the couple tiny signs of use until I held it "just right" in the light (there are a couple of miniscule, very light surface scratches that are hardly worth mentioning).

I will be taking this flute to the shop where my trusted tech. will disassemble it and clean off any tiny patches of tarnish that are hidden underneath the mechanism (he'll do a complete COA).  It will receive a new head cork, and if there are any pads that look worn (I didn't see any), they will be changed. 

This is in excellent used condition, showing few signs of wear (one small blemish (scuff)) in the wood on one small area.  This has no effect whatsoever on the sound, and is only noticed when turned "just right" in the light.

It occurred to me to copy part of an email here that I sent to the owner after I play-tested this flute when it first arrived:

"I played the flute for some time with both headjoints and had a hard time putting it down.  It's one of those rare flutes that just draws you in.  I started with the silver head and was "wowed" by the very first note.  The more I played, the more unique it became...set apart from most other flutes I've tested, with superior qualities. 

The cut of the headjoint is excellent, at least for my needs.  The response is so crisp, and the notes resonate when pushed to full volume, esp. in the lower register.  Nice and full!  Then I hit a sustained "ppp" high A that normally takes quite a bit of effort to play well on most flutes, and I was able to easily sustain it with very little effort until it could barely be heard, still with a beautiful quality to it, and ringing as it faded out.  That is incredibly impressive. Also notable is that while the middle E on most flutes is rather stuffy sounding, the middle E on this flute has a nice open sound.

I tried the rapidly tongued solo from Midsummer Nights' Dream, and the mechanism felt very smooth.  Of course the response was amazingly crisp and I found that the double-tongued notes just "fell" out quickly and with ease."

Even before servicing, it plays well with a light touch all the way down to the low B.

Asking $5500 plus a reasonable shipping charge for the flute and the wood headjoint together.

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