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SOLD -Yamaha 684 Heavy Wall Flute (Used) - Just Serviced!


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History and Condition:
This professional 684 used flute was owned by a music professor for many years, and was just serviced by Jeffrey Schmalz at the New England Flute Shop before I bought it.  It plays exceptionally well with a rich tone and lots of opportunity for a wide range of color and dynamics, as well as fantastic response (how easily it speaks on a rapidly tongued passage)!  The key action is very fluid as well.

This flute was made and assembled in Japan, which, from my understanding, is not true of many Yamahas nowadays.

There are no dents or scratches on this flute, and it is very clean.  The only wear is the normal fine surface wear that you'd see on any used instrument, and there are a couple of places on the barrel where the silver plating has worn (very minor).

The pads seal well with no tears or fraying.  There is some discoloration to them, which I've spoken to Jeffrey Schmalz and my repair tech. here about.  Both have said that there is still life left in them, and that it is not necessary to change any of them at this point; they are in good shape for a used flute.  I've marked the price down accordingly (please see note under pricing).

-Sterling Silver Head, Body, Foot
-Heavy Wall
-In-Line G
-EC Headjoint
-B Foot w/ gizmo
-White Gold Springs
-French Pointed Key Arms

Comes with the original slimline French case, outer carrying case, a cleaning rod, and removable plugs for the holes.

Price Comparison:
This model new, sells for $3221 at on-line discounters. I usually sell this model used for around $2400-$2500, but because of the bit of finish wear on the barrel (minor) and the discoloration of the pads, I'm more-than-compensating by pricing it lower at $2150.00 plus reasonable shipping fee.  

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Sell Price: $2,150.00

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