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SOLD - Yamaha 581 (684) Flute (used) - Fully Gold-Plated - Excellent!

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The photos below do not do this flute justice.  We had a difficult time getting the lighting right so that the beautiful gold tone would show up in the pictures.  This flute looks much more "gold" in person than if does in the photos.

This is a beautiful professional model gold-plated Yamaha 581 used flute in excellent condition (most comparable to the current 684). I have to look very carefully in extremely good lighting to find any miniscule blemishes anywhere on it.  I was well-cared for by one owner, well-maintained, and is very clean. Beautiful! The pads are very good with no tears or fraying, and plenty of wear left.  Recently professionally serviced.

This is not only a great flute to look at and to play, but would also be perfect for someone who is allergic to silver.
-fully gold plated
-sterling silver head, body and foot
-professional handcut headjoint
-b-foot with gizmo
-in-line g
-white gold springs for lighter touch
-tapored pivot screws for smooth key action
-pointed key arms
The flute plays beautifully in all registers, and all the way to the low b with a light touch.  It has a lovely full sound, and the crisp response in all ranges is exceptional.  There's lots of room for expirimenting with tone color and dynamics.  Several repair techs. who have worked on it over the years have commented on the sound and how well it plays.

It comes with a hardshell slimline case and outer Jean Cavallaro Case.  A cleaning rod and removable plugs for the holes are included.

The gold-plated 581's are no longer made, so they are hard to find.   Asking $2850 plus shipping (shipping will be $25 with phone orders, and close to that amount through the cart on this site).

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phone: (970) 689-5671

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Sell Price: $2,850.00

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