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Di Zhao Curved Headjoint w/ Mini Case (Silver-plated) (New) -

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Curved Headjoint with Mini Case: $140

This silver-plated curved headjoint works well with a DZ 200, DZ300, or DZ400 level flute.  Many people don't want to buy a MiniDi (, knowing that their child with only use it for a short time, only to need a flute with a straight head shortly after.  With this curved headjoint, the same flute can either be used with this curved head, or with a straight head, so that only one flute needs to be bought, and can last through the growing years.

This curved headjoint can either be bought alone (comes with a mini case), or it can be purchased along with a flute.  

Combo Case for Flute and Curved Head
(Flute and Headjoint Not Included): $45

(a case that holds both a curved head and a straight head can be purchased for an additional $45 (see photos)).


Sell Price: $140.00

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