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SOLD-Pearl PF- 885 Handmade Flute (Used) - Excellent! Comparable to the Current Cantabile 8800

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Click HERE for sample of response on this flute

Click HERE for sample of mid-low registers on this flute

Click HERE for sample of high register on this flute

This is a beautiful handmade PF-885 used professional flute (comparable to the Cantabile 8800),

-sterling silver head, body, foot, keys and mechanism
-PH-7 headjoint with substantial riser (This is the headjoint that was first played by Rhonda Larson, and would be perfect for someone who wants to have the option of playing aggressively, or who wants something that has the potential for a huge sound...very popular at the time they were made (same as came with the Japanese-made Elegantes)).
-inline g 
-b foot
-pointed key arms
-white gold springs
-drawn and rolled tone holes
-pinless mechanism

Comes with slimline case and outer carrying case, removable plugs for the holes, and a cleaning rod.

This flute is in excellent condition, has been well-cared for by one owner, and has just been fully serviced by my trusted repair tech.. It is very clean with no tarnish, and all pads are very good and seal well with no tears or fraying.  There is minor aesthetic wear: a couple of miniscule dings on the headjoint that can only be seen when the flute is turned "just right" in the light, and a few light surface scratches on the lip plate, body and foot (minor).  The wear is light enough that I cannot get it to show in the photos.

I, and my repair tech., like the way this flute plays with a beautiful balanced and rich sound from low to high.  It has a uniquely rich tone quality, and potential for lots of dynamics, from a very soft and mellow sound,  to very full and projecting.  The response is excellent.

Price Comparison:
New, the current comparable model 8800 Cantabile sells for between $5400 and $6600 at on-line discounters.  Asking $2950 plus reasonable shipping fee.

As a side comment: we research each make and model flute that we sell, and we try to price our flutes at fair market value.  In looking around, these go for around $3800 when in ready-to-play/excellent condition.  However, in my opinion, $3800 is lower than it should be for this particular flute.   I have had many used flutes go through my hands over the years, and I feel that this flute is worth more than we are asking, as it plays as well, or better, than some flutes that cost much more. 
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Sell Price: $2,950.00

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