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SOLD - Brannen-Cooper Silver Brögger Mekanik Flute(used) - Excellent!

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About This Flute:

This beautiful professional Brannen-Cooper Silver Brögger Mekanik used flute is in excellent condition, and has seen relatively little use.  My trusted repair tech. will doing a routine maintenance and cleaning on it shortly, so that it will play to its fullest potential.  I'm expecting that it will be ready in June or July, 2012.

History of This Flute:

Made in 2007, and bought in 2008, this flute was only played for one year by one owner, and then was used very sparingly from that point up to the present.  It has been very well-cared for by someone who majored in music for only a short time, and now no longer has the need for a high-end flute. 


-.016 wall thickness (medium thickness, which is the most popular choice)
-silver head body and foot
-modified Cooper headjoint with a 14K Gold Riser
-Brögger system
-Cooper Scale
-offset G
-C# trill and D# roller
-B foot
-serial number 62XX


-asking $12,500 plus reasonable shipping fee

-replacement value is $14,210 for a new flute like this one today, and would have a 4 to 6 month wait time before it would be completed.

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phone: (970) 689-5671

-money back guarantee-

-no credit card or paypal fees-

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-shipping available to U.S. or Canada-
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Sell Price: $12,500.00

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