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SOLD-Gemeinhardt 4PMH Piccolo (Used) - Excellent!


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Compare with a new Di Zhao Resin Piccolo:

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About this piccolo:

This piccolo is in excellent condition, including the pads.  It looks as if it was played very little and treated with extra care.


-silver-plated head
-resin body

Comes with the original hardshell case and a cleaning rod.


I play lots of used piccolos, and am a little leary of buying one, as repairs on a piccolo can add up quickly (they are so tiny, and are difficult to work on).  Many used piccolos don't play well.  This one sticks out to me as being very good, as it plays well in all registers, from the low D, and  on up to high A.  Please feel free to ask for a video of it being played.

The resin body helps to produce a nice tone that is not as shrill as an all-metal piccolos have.

Price Comparison:

This model sells new for $839 at on-line discounters.  Asking $500 plus reasonable shipping fee.

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Feel free to call (970) 689-5671 with any questions.

Sell Price: $500.00

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