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Di Zhao Pre-Professional Flute (New) (DZ600 or DZ700 (We Price Match))

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DZ 600BOF Sterling Silver Head, Body & Foot, B-foot, Open hole, Offset G, Y-arms $1,815.00

Sterling Silver Head, Body& Foot, B-foot,Open hole, Offset G, Pointed arms $2,198.00


C# trill - $100
Split-E - $50
D# Roller - $50

Even ten of the same model flute can play differently.  Please feel free to ask for a video of any flute being played.

Click Here to see/hear a sample of the DZ600 (low register)

Click Here for the DZ600 (high register)

Click Here for the DZ700 (all registers)

Click Here for the DZ700 response test
(how quickly and easily this flute "speaks" with very little effort on my part)

This new professional flute has a solid silver headjoint, body and Foot, open-holes, pointed key arms or Y arms, an offset or in-line G and B foot w/ an optional C# Trill, D# Roller, and/or 14K Riser (each for an additional cost).  You can't beat the price for a new flute of comparable quality.

It plays evenly in all registers, has fantastic response and tonal character, and is a superb instrument for the professional/serious flutist to work with.  

Each flute comes with a hardshell slimline case, outer carrying case, cleaning cloth.  A cleaning rod and removeable plugs for the holes are included.

"When I heard about these flutes from an acquaintance, I called Di Zhao Flutes in Boston to try these instruments. These flutes are, in my opinion, unsurpassed in craftsmanship and tonal quality for the price, both for the beginner and the advanced performer" 

- Frank Zamboni, flute repair professional, Rye Brook, NY

-All Di Zhao Flutes have a precision-cut handcut headjoint-

-Each is tuned to A=442-

-Each Comes with a One Year Manufacturer's Warranty- 

-Ships Free Anywhere in the US or Canada w/ All Phone Orders-
(via UPS or FedEx w/ tracking and insurance)
Call (970) 689-5671

-Ask About Trial and Layaway Options-

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Sell Price: $2,198.00

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