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 Testimonials for Di Zhao Flutes


"The sound of the Di Zhao flute is equal to that of flutes costing three times more. Even beginners can produce a low C on the first try, and third octave notes! This is a huge secret about to explode upon the flute scene"

- Ronna Ayscue, Principal Flutist, Bay-Atlantic Symphony


"Zhao has outstanding skills as a flute and head joint maker" 

 Stephen Wasser, owner of Powell Flutes, posted Feb. 2007, Entrepreneur Media Inc.


"When I heard about these flutes from an acquaintance, I called Di Zhao Flutes in Boston to try these instruments. These flutes are in my opinion, unsurpassed in craftsmanship and tonal quality for the price, both for the beginner and the advanced performer" 

- Frank Zamboni, flute repair professional, Rye Brook, NY


"Di Zhao's key work is clean and precise. The key mechanism is stable and well made; the keywork is flawless" 

-a New Jersey based flute repair professional-flute repair professional-


"Bass flute by Di Zhao ... including trill keys: at this price a bargain!"

- Chris Potter, President of the NFA Low Flutes Committee


"The grenadilla wood piccolo is a superb instrument and, in my opinion is far superior to wood piccolos that are much more expensive.  The tone and intonation on the Di Zhao grenadilla wood piccolo is exceptional.  I will continue to recommend these fine instruments to my students and colleagues. Di Zhao flutes and piccolos are definitely ones that all serious students of the flute should keep an eye on!

- Nancy Shearer, professional flutist and instructor


"I just attended the National Flute Association convention in NYC this weekend. If you have a grand - get the Di Zhao wooden piccolo! These are getting a LOT of excitement from pros and teachers of advanced students! " 

- professional flutist, certified and multi-degreed teacher

Dear Mr. Hutzel,

I am thrilled to have this wonderful Di Zhao DZ=700 silver flute with the gold riser head joint.  Although I've retired from the orchestra now, the Louisiana Philharmonic played a benefit concert with my lifelong idol, Sir James Galway the other night.  Miraculaously, the following morning, he presented a wonderful master class at Loyola University.

Near the end of the three hour class, people in the audience were invited to ask questions.  Sir James called on me, and I asked him about whether or not the difference in a silver or gold head joint would be noticable.  He invited me to come show him the instrument that I'd received from your company the night before, and I scrambled through the theatre seats to the front edge of the stage in order to hand it up to him.

He played it, and played it, and played it more. Finally, he put his own solid gold head joint on it to demonstrate to the audience how this can make a difference.  My new flute played beautifully, and Sir Galway, having put it through all of the scales, seemed to have liked it a lot.  Someone in the audience piped up, 'Sir Galway has baptized your flute, Carol!'  I felt like a proud, new parent with a baby at the Baptismal Font. What an incredible first lesson on the flute!"  

 -Carol Lyon, former principal cellist of the New Orleans Philharmonoic and Rutgers Chamber Music Faculty 

 "I feel blessed to be one of the first in a new line of great musical instruments"

 - Loyd Williams, professional flutist and recording artist, St. Ketts, Nevis


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