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Jupiter 313S Prodigy w/ Curved Headjoint (Used) - Excellent!

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This silver-plated student flute was my daughter's (she outgrew it).  It was extremely well-cared for and regularly serviced and is in excellent condition, including the pads.

The playability is amazing.  It is free blowing, has great response and is perfect for someone who is just learning.  All of the keys seal well.

Because of the curved head, it would be a perfect instrument for a beginner to start on.  It also plays with extreme ease in all registers, and has unusually good response, so would make learning as easy as possible.

Please feel free to request a video of this flute being played.

New, this model sold at on-line discounters for over $600, but has been discontinued.  Asking $400 plus small shipping fee.

Comes with a case (also in excellent condition) and a cleaning rod.

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Please Feel Free to Request a Video of This Flute Being Played


Sell Price: $400.00

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