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SOLD- Beautiful Yamaha B441 Professional Bass Flute-Excellent Condition!

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This Yamaha Professional Bass Flute plays beautifully, was only sparingly used, and has a rich projecting sound, with lots of potential for color and dynamics.  The low tones add a nice balance to a flute choir/ensembl (or, I like to substitute if for cello parts and play along with piano). Recently serviced.
It has a curved head, is in the key of C, and has a gold brass body.

Comes with original hardshell case in excellent condition, an outer carrying case, and cleaning rod. 

New, this flute sells at on-line stores for around $7500.  Asking $5300 plus shipping.

If you are looking for a bass flute that is lower budget, and yet high quality,
you may want to check out the Di Zhao Bass Flute that I have for Sale:

phone: (970) 689-5671

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Sell Price: $5,300.00

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