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Professional Flutes
Sankyo Prima Artist Handmade Flute (Used) (401) - (Offset G, Split-E, B foot) - Recently Overhauled
Muramatsu ST (Used)- Closed Hole, Offset G, C# Trill and C foot-Excellent!
Haynes Handmade Professional Flute (1963)- Offset G, C Foot - Overhauled
ND Lamberson Flute w/ Gold Riser and Lip (Used) - Overhauled with New Pads
Out on Trial - Muramatsu DNRBC (used) - Includes C Foot and B foot, Split-E - Excellent!
Powell Custom Handmade Flute (1982) - Thin Wall, In-line G, B foot (Koregelos or Powell Headjoint)
Out on Trial- Muramatsu AD (w/ Two Headjoints (Silver and Gold-Clad)) - Heavy Wall, Offset G, D# Roller, Recently Overhauled
Haynes Custom Handmade Flute #51629 (2006) (Used) w/ 14K Riser, C foot, B foot, offset G, C# trill and D# roller
Altus 1507RB Flute (Similar to Current 1607) (used) - In-Line G, B Foot, Britannia Silver - Excellent!
Miyazawa 9K-RH- Gold Series Handmade Flute w/ Offset G, B foot, C# trill, D#, C# Rollers, addt'l 14K McKenna Crown- MINT!
SOLD - Alexander Eppler Silver Flute (Used) w/ Additional Eppler Cocuswood Headjoint-Excellent Condition!
SOLD - Miyazawa BR-402 (402RHC#) Flute (used) - Nearly New!
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